Videos útiles Google Cloud Platform & FortiGate

Video 01
Creating the Fortigate Image: Describe the steps to upload the FortiOS Image to Google Cloud Platform.

Video 02
Creating the VPCs: Create VPC on GCP for

  • Untrusted Internet Access
  • Untrusted VPN Access
  • Protected Production
  • Protected Develpment
  • Protected Quality Assurance

Video 03
Compute: Create one FortiGate VM and 3 Linux VMs on the different networks to test out the protections.

Video 04
GCP Firewall Rules: Create Google Cloud Firewall rules to allow communication to and within the infrastructure.

Video 05
Access VMs from the Internet: Configure FortiGate to allow communication to the Linux VMs.

Video 06
Configure Fortigate as Gateway: Configure FortiGate on GCP to be the Gateway of the Linux VMs to be able to inspect traffic.

Video 07
Configure GCP VPN with Cloud Router: For this customer the requirement was to connect to the company Fortigate using Google Cloud VPN, the video shows how easy it is and how to use Cloud Router


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